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Myers Solar & Construction is a local company owned and operated by Appalachian State graduates. Get in touch and see what we can do for you!


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Myers Solar & Construction is a full service Construction Company dedicated to bringing more solar and sustainable construction to the high country. Whether you're interested in a solar panel system, home addition, electrical remodel or smart home control, Myers has you covered. 

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The Chestnut Restoration Project

What We Stand For

Appalachia has been through many changes in the last century, not the least of which was losing the American Chestnut tree that used to be such a large part of the native ecosystem. To have a long lasting positive impact on the area, we are working with the American Chestnut Foundation to plant Chestnuts for any solar project we take on. To learn more about the fight to bring back the Chestnuts, visit the American Chestnut Foundation.


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